Every Day Counts! Student success begins with attendance.

Every Day Counts! Student success begins with attendance.

We know from research and experience that attendance boosts student achievement, educational experiences, and prepares students for college, careers and beyond. This page is designed to empower families with resources to keep your student in school and engaged.

Attendance and Remote Learning

Beginning in the 2020–21 school year, students who engage in on-campus or off-campus remote learning, such as attending a virtual class or completing and submitting assigned work independently, are considered engaged. All classes will have attendance posted to indicate students were present to reflect participation. Our teachers will work with families and students to ensure that instruction is delivered and students are engaged in coursework no matter the method of delivery.

Checking in via BLEND is often a great way to be considered engaged. 

What counts as engagement? The student may:

  • Attend a synchronous virtual lesson.
  • Watch a video lesson (asynchronous).
  • Turn in an assignment.
  • Participate in a class chat online. 
  • Email, text or call a teacher.

Parent Self Serve: Schedules, Grades, Attendance

Parent Self-Serve is the portal that allows caregivers to view their child's schedule, attendance and grades. In addition, parents can email teachers and set notification alerts if they want to receive emails when their child has been marked absent or has a missing assignment. Go to the Parent Self Serve web page for more information. Regularly checking your child’s attendance is a great way to stay involved with your child’s education. See the PDF how-to manuals linked below to get started.

How Do I Access Parent Self-Serve?


  1. Parents must first log into the Parent Portal (my.austinisd.org)*:
  1. Select the Parent Self-Serve tile in the Default row, and log in with the same credentials used to access the Parent Portal. TEAMS Parent Self-Serve (English)

Using the AISD Mobile App

Parents can also see their child’s attendance record via the Parent Self Serve in the AISD Mobile App!