Download the 2018-19 AISD Wellness Policy Overview. (This document includes healthy alternatives for celebrations and fundraising.)

Food & Beverages provided:

  • Campuses may not serve or provide access to foods of minimal nutritional value (FMNV) and all other forms of candy at any time anywhere on school premises until the end of the last scheduled class.
  • FMNV’s: soda water, water ices, chewing gum, certain candies (hard candy, jellies and gums, marshmallow candies, fondant, licorice, spun candy and candy coated popcorn).
  • All food and beverages provided to students will meet USDA Smart Snack standards. Healthy options, fruits, vegetables, and water for example, are preferred and should be offered.
  • Fruits, vegetables and Smart Snacks are available for purchase through Café Managers. 

Elementary Schools

Campuses may not allow food or beverages to be provided to students at any time during the school day, with the exception of a healthy snack and water.

Middle Schools

Campuses may not allow food or beverages to be provided to students anywhere on campus 3 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after meal serving times.

High Schools

Campuses may not allow food or beverages to be provided to students during meal times where meals are served or consumed.

Birthday Celebrations:

  • Parents may bring items to celebrate their child's birthday; however, they cannot be provided to students in the cafeteria during meal service times.  Birthday food items may only be shared after the last scheduled class of the day.
  • A campus may develop additional guidelines concerning birthday celebrations, such as number of celebrations per month and certain time to celebrate, so as not to interfere with instructional time.

Food for Instructional Purposes:

  • Food should not be used for instructional purposes unless the food is required for teaching students about nutrition or foods of different cultures.  If foods are used for instructional purposes, the foods may not be FMNV's or candy at any time (including chocolate).
  • The food given during a classroom lesson is to be for a taste only and not be in place of a meal provided during the student's breakfast or lunch period.

Rewarding with Food:

  • Campuses may not use food as a reward, unless documented in a students' IEP.


  • All campuses may not sell food or beverages for any fundraising activity during the school day.
  • Fundraising activities that involve the sale of food and/or beverages will take place outside of the school day, which is defined as 30 minutes before the first bell and after the last bell.

Campuses will comply with the Wellness Policy every day.  

There are no exceptions or exempt days.   

The full AISD Wellness Policy (FFA) can be found here.