Research indicates that the benefits of breakfast to students can result in better attendance, increased academic performance and improved student behavior.

In 2014, the Texas Legislature implemented a new program called Universal Breakfast. Universal Breakfast requires all school campuses in which 80% or more of the students qualify for a free or reduced price breakfast offer a free breakfast to every student enrolled.

For the SY 2017-2018, there are 47 (plus 10 BIC) Austin ISD campuses that are eligible for Universal Breakfast.

Please see attached document for list of eligible campuses.

2017-18 Universal Breakfast & BIC Campuses

Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC)

In addition to Universal Breakfast, AISD also participates in a program known as Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC). BIC is a room service style program that provides an optional free breakfast for all students.  

Here’s How it Works:

  • Each morning, cafeteria staff prepares and delivers both cold and hot breakfast items to the classrooms.  
  • Daily meals include healthy protein and grain options, as well as fresh fruit, 100% fruit juice and low-fat milk.
  • Students choosing to eat breakfast have the option to select which food items they take.  
  • As a part of the School Breakfast Program, students are required to take a full meal consisting of an entrée and a fruit or juice, just as they would in the cafeteria.  
  • If a student does not want to eat breakfast, they do not have to take any of the items offered.  

Busy weekday mornings often make it challenging for families to find time for a healthy breakfast.  BIC allows parents to have more time to prepare for the day, while being assured that their child will be provided a nutritious school breakfast each morning.  The meal time spent together in the classroom also helps create vibrant relationships between students and teachers.  

School Year 2017-18 BIC Schools:

  • Akins High School
  • Allison Elementary
  • Andrews Elementary 
  • Barrington Elementary
  • Bedichek Middle School (Start Date TBD)
  • Blackshear Elementary
  • Blanton Elementary
  • Brown Elementary 
  • Brooke Elementary
  • Casey Elementary
  • Dawson Elementary
  • Dobie PK 
  • Eastside Memorial ECHS 
  • Govalle Elementary 
  • Guerrero-Thompson Elementary 
  • Harris Elementary
  • Hart Elementary
  • Houston Elementary
  • Langford Elementary 
  • Linder Elementary
  • Means YWLA 
  • Mendez Middle School
  • Metz Elementary
  • Oak Springs Elementary 
  • Palm Elementary
  • Paredes Middle School
  • Pecan Springs Elementary 
  • Perez Elementary 
  • Pickle Elementary 
  • Pillow Elementary 
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary
  • Rodriguez Elementary 
  • Sanchez Elementary (Start Date TBD)
  • Sims Elementary 
  • St. Elmo Elementary 
  • Sunset Valley Elementary
  • Travis ECHS 
  • Travis Heights Elementary
  • Walnut Creek Elementary (Start Date TBD)
  • Webb Primary Center
  • Widen Elementary
  • Zavala Elementary 

The BIC process can be viewed in the video below.