News from Dr. Cruz: Literacy and Beyond

Team AISD,

Through the Austin ISD Literacy Plan, we continue to strengthen literacy inside the language arts classroom, throughout the day in all content areas and beyond the school day. 

Inside language arts, students are engaging in structured independent reading, and teachers are strategically instructing through one-on-one and small group conferences. To support this effort, students now have access to more than 7,000 digital books through Harris Elementary School and Webb Middle School are leading the way with more than 1,400 hours spent reading!

Next year, teachers participating in PPfT will have the opportunity to begin the literacy leadership pathway, which will formalize the throughout the day portion of the literacy plan. 

Going beyond the school day, students can engage in literacy-rich experiences such as the Vision + Voice Poetry Contest and our second annual summer reading initiative, the 5-Book Dive. 

As AISD reinvents urban education, we are also staying true to what works. We know that literacy helps students build a foundation for educational success, and I am proud of our district for helping them build that foundation!

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.