News from Dr. Cruz: The Equity Study

Team AISD,

Extraordinary accomplishments are being made throughout Austin ISD. We have a lot to celebrate, and I am proud of the strong trajectory of our district.

We also know that there is work to be done. Achievement gaps exist, particularly for African-American and economically disadvantaged students.

To this end, AISD has embarked on an equity study, with the explicit goal of ensuring equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students.

Part of this work includes the need to address issues and barriers at the classroom level, not just at the school or district level. This is not just a shift in philosophy, but also a shift in thinking and recognizing how the actions of staff affect students. 

So, what now?

Suggestions from the equity study have been incorporated into work plans and the district's strategic plan. Many of these projects will be developed over the next year, with the goal of implementing them as soon as possible. The district will support principals and campuses so they can provide support to teachers and staff at the classroom level.

Pursuing equity at AISD cannot and will not wait. ALL students deserve the opportunity to excel—and All Means All.

Achieving our goals is not a job that can be accomplished by one person, team or campus. It takes each and every one of us.

Thank you for your work to give all students the opportunities they deserve.


Paul Cruz, Ph.D.