News from Dr. Cruz: A Recipe for Success

Team AISD,

A recipe for success can take many different forms. A record of achievement plus longterm strategies are a good place to start, and I am proud that our district has both.

Over the last few years, Austin ISD students have made record-breaking accomplishments. Our graduation rate is at an all-time high, our SAT and ACT scores outrank the state and nation and our attendance rate is the highest it's been in 22 years.

We are supporting student wellness in a variety of ways. Breakfast in the classroom is at 25 schools, stop-arm cameras are on every school bus and parent support specialists serve thousands of families each year.

Districtwide initiatives are also going strong. AISD has more National Board Certified teachers than any school district in the state, our literacy plan enhances support for all students, we have a 3:1 (or better) student/computer ratio and Social and Emotional Learning is at every campus.

So, what about our future? Great work is going on throughout our district to keep our forward momentum and make even more improvements.

The Facility Master Plan will allow us to create 21st-century learning environments and offer more innovative academic programming.

During the upcoming legislative session, we will recommend solutions to reduce the burden that recapture places on our district.

Other key strategies include implementing recommendations from our curriculum audit, strengthening our SEL efforts, enhancing community engagement, exploring advanced technology systems and bolstering customer service.

A strong history and a promising future position AISD to remain a leader in the state and nation. As we continue our upward trajectory, I am grateful for our dedicated team. Thank you for all you do to contribute to our success.

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.