News from Dr. Cruz: Do the Write Thing

Team AISD,

Do the Write Thing is more than a lesson plan. It's a life lesson.

In the program, middle schoolers write about the causes of and solutions for youth violence, and the impact of violence on their life.

Do the Write Thing is a great combination of academics, Social and Emotional Learning and No Place for Hate.

Last year's winner was a Murchison Middle School student whose essay is thoughtful and inspirational.

"Settle arguments, whether they are small or big, with words, not fists or weapons. Together, we can stop violence"

This young author's story is powerful in many ways and encourages us to use the very life lessons being taught in our classrooms. 

Thank you to middle school teachers and principals for encouraging students to share their voice through creative writing. And a special thanks to the Honorable Orlinda Naranjo for serving as co-chair of Do the Write Thing Austin and the Honorable Cliff Brown for his support of the program.  

This year's submissions are due Dec. 16, and I look forward to reading work from our thoughtful students!

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.