AISD’s bond program is focused on one thing. Our students. 

The Construction Management department is an integral part of the process of Reinventing the Urban School Experience. Since 2004, nearly $1,353,000,000 in bond appropriations has ensured our students receive a first class education through the rehabilitation efforts and upgrades given to our 138 schools.

Improvements to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) increase air quality and help to lower rates of asthma, which can be linked to improved student performance. Improvements like these also save taxpayers money by lowering energy costs.

Curricular changes are driving technology upgrades, library improvements, and the inclusion of maker spaces allowing for project-based learning and enriched learning environments.

As building construction and rehabilitation technologies evolves, so must we. As curricular advancements are adopted by our staff, so must we. As our community needs change, so must we. Which is why since 2004, Austin ISD’s systematic repairs, upgrades, and additions are designed to support learning outcomes and ensure equitable distribution of resources across the district.

With your help we are able to Reinvent the Urban School Experience as our students receive a world-class education right here in Austin. 


In May 2013, voters approved a $489.7 million bond program to support technology, transportation and energy conservation, and address critical renovations and improvements at facilities across the district.

The largest portion of the program includes $349.1 million for repairs and renovations to aging schools (the average age is over 40 years), including replacing old air conditioning and plumbing and fixing leaky roofs. This portion includes work at every school in the district.

View all current 2013 Bond Program projects by facility.

In 2004, voters approved a $519.5 million school bond program to alleviate overcrowding, keep up with Austin’s growth, and improve the quality, safety, and sustainability of AISD’s facilities, and in 2008, voters approved a $343.7 million bond program allowing the district to meet legislative requirements, fund new investments in technology and construct a district-wide performing arts center. The majority of the original projects from The Apple at Work Bond Programs, as they are known, are complete with one ongoing project, the purchase of land for a south high school. Past bond program overview for 2004 and 2008 bond programs.


On October 28, 2013, the Board of Trustees appointed volunteer citizens to the Community Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) to ensure the projects remain faithful to the voter-approved bond program scope of work and to monitor and ensure the bond projects are completed on time, with quality and within budget. For more information about the CBOC, including a list of the members and meeting agendas and materials, visit the CBOC page.