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The Department of Leadership Pathways

Developing a sustainable and scalable pipeline of outstanding urban school leaders is a vital component of the Austin ISD Strategic Plan: 2015-2020. Austin's diverse student population deserves the very best administrators with the knowledge, skills, talents, and experiences to courageously lead our schools for years to come! The AISD Department of Leadership Pathways is committed to executing our mission and vision through the creation, implementation, and improvement of our Preparation Programs as well as our induction and ongoing support for new principals and assistant principals. Together we are Reinventing the Urban School Experience!

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The Austin ISD Urban Education Pathways Academy provides the knowledge, skills and experiences through our preparation and support programs to ensure that all AISD administrators are provided targeted and engaging learning opportunities to further strengthen their individual leadership capacity and to ensure a successful pipeline of current and future leadership.

University Partnerships - Through partnerships with Texas State and the University of Texas, Austin ISD seeks to provide specific experiences as teachers get their masters and principal certification. 

Assistant Principal Preparation Program (AP3) - This program is designed for teachers who already have their masters and principal certification. Curriculum focuses on providing specific Austin ISD content grounded in the AISD Leadership Framework, and preparing cohort members for campus leadership in an urban setting. 

New Assistant Principal Induction and Support - New AISD assistant principals are provided targeted learning oppotunities at the AP Summer and Winter Conferences, as well as taking part in need based courses through BLEND. Leadership Pathways staff also partners with various AISD departments in the coordination and facilitation of job specific learning opportunities designed to build individual leadership capacity in our new leaders throughout the school year.

Principal Preparation Program (P3) - Our outstanding assistant principals are selected for this program that prepares them for the principalship in Austin ISD. These cohort members attend sessions with district leadership to increase their knowledge of AISD initiatives and understand the signficance of their role in creating an effective, agile and responsive organization. 

New Principal Induction and Support - All principals new to AISD or new to the principalship attend a two day institute in the summer. This institute helps them gain the foundational knowledge of Austin ISD initiatives and prepares them to start the year on their campus as the principal. Ongoing support is provided through the Novice Principal Coaching Program.