News from Dr. Cruz: City of Austin Tax Swap

Team AISD,

You have probably heard that the new vision of Austin ISD is to reinvent urban education. That means rethinking how we operate—and rethinking it in a big way.

A new partnership that AISD is exploring is a tax swap with the city of Austin. In this arrangement, AISD may lower our tax rate and the city of Austin would raise theirs. The city would then assume responsibility for some services that support our students and families.

The tax swap would ensure that families are receiving the supports necessary for students to excel and that AISD is maintaining a strict focus on academics. The swap could also mean lower property taxes for some Austin homeowners, with any cost savings to the district used to enhance programming for students. 

Embarking on this potential journey is only possible because of creative thinking and a commitment to high-quality education. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this process and is dedicated to reinventing the way we approach education. 

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.