News from Dr. Cruz: Autism Awareness Month

Team AISD,

One of every 45 children in the United States has autism, and that number has grown over the last few years. I'm proud to recognize the work that's being done at Austin ISD to support our autistic students.

Teachers, parents, community partners and administrators all play a role in helping students achieve their best. Taking a collaborative approach ensures that multiple perspectives are considered and that individualized plans are created by people who know the student well.

Behavior assessments give insight to the individual needs of an autistic student, and social skills training helps students feel comfortable and confident with their peers. Classroom supports include formatting tests in a way that is conducive to students’ learning styles and creating additional structure around scheduling, note taking and organizing homework.

As we recognize April as Autism Awareness Month, I hope you'll take a moment to commend your colleagues who are creative and thoughtful in their approach to helping all students succeed.

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.