News from Dr. Cruz: Student Enrollment

Team AISD,

Student enrollment impacts everyone at AISD. From classroom lessons to facilities planning, the number of students we have affects districtwide efforts and our daily work. 

This week, AISD released our annual demographic report, with enrollment projections and information about student population trends. 

While some schools will experience an influx of students, overall our enrollment is expected to decline. The anticipated decrease is approximately 600 students per year for the next decade. 

The main contributing factor to fewer students enrolling in AISD is affordability. More and more families are moving to neighboring communities, where housing costs are substantially lower.

We are taking several steps to address declining enrollment. This includes our new out-of-district transfer policy, a targeted marketing plan and a revamped customer service effort. We're responding to student needs with offerings like meals at after-school programs.

Additionally, employees may request to transfer their student to any school in the district, regardless of whether the school is frozen.

As we work to keep our current students and attract new families, I want to thank each of you who makes this an amazing school district. You make me #AISDproud.

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.