News from Dr. Cruz: Achieving excellence

Team AISD,

In August 2016, Austin ISD will roll out phase one of Professional Pathways for Teachers. 

PPfT is a new appraisal system to create a competitive compensation system that recruits, develops and retains high-quality teachers in every AISD classroom. 

The move is in compliance with the TEA expectation of using a teacher evaluation model that includes student growth as a significant factor.

The Leadership Pathways component of PPfT will empower teachers by giving them the opportunity to pursue leadership pathways based on their interests and skills. 

So, why make the change? PPfT allows teachers to have ownership of their salary, to recruit high-quality teachers and honor teaching as a profession.

Each and every one of us plays a role in achieving excellence at AISD. We are exploring and developing PPfT to build an even more skillful and effective workforce of teachers contributing to greater student success.

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.