News from Dr. Cruz: The Ripple Effect

Team AISD,

Austin ISD is committed to ensuring that students are college-ready. In part, this includes a focus on direct-to-college enrollment, meaning that students enroll in college within six months of graduating high school.
The “direct” part of this equation is important. If students don’t enroll in college within six months of graduation, the likelihood that they’ll enroll at all decreases substantially. That puts them at a disadvantage, as a majority of local job openings require an associate or bachelor's degree.
AISD’s overall postsecondary enrollment rate is 66 percent. Our direct-to-college enrollment rate is 61 percent, but we’re working to increase that number.
In partnership with Central Texas school districts, the Austin Chamber of Commerce and Austin Community College, AISD is trying to meet or exceed a 70 percent direct-to-college enrollment for the class of 2016.
Increasing our direct-to-college enrollment rate will mean more economic opportunities, a higher standard of living and decreased rates of generational poverty. But the positive outcomes will go beyond our students. The ripple effect of this initiative will help create a better Austin and a greater future for our community. 
Thanks to each and every one of you who challenges our students—from Pre-K to their senior year—to achieve their best. You are helping the next generation of leaders succeed in college and in life!

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.