In cooperation with the City of Austin Health & Human Services Department, Austin ISD Nutrition and Food Services Department offers Food Handler's training for school groups and organizations that wish to secure a City issued Temporary Food Event Permit.

Temporary Food Event Permit:

Temporary Food Events such as festivals, fairs, or carnivals that will sale or distribute food require a Temporary Food Event Permit and Food Handler Training. If you are serving PACKAGED, UNOPEN food you do NOT need a food permit. Or if you are serving from a food truck with a permit you do NOT need a permit when you are selling out of the mobile unit.

You will need a food permit if;

1. You are serving open, unpackaged food, open food drinks (mixed drinks w/ice) or food that requires refrigeration or to be hot.

2. The general public is invited.



* Forms must be turned in 20 days before the day of event to Austin Nutrition and Food Services. AISD Food Services will do preliminary processing and must forward to the City of Austin within 10 days of event.

* AISD events are exempt from permit charges, but if applications are submitted less than 10 days of event you will be charged a expedite fee of $98.

* Forms must be complete and legible with attached DLs (must be clearly visible).

* The City of Austin will contact you directly when your permit application has been processed. Permit pick: 1520 Rutherford Lane, M-F 7:45-3:30 pm.

 Temporary Food Permit Application (Pages 3-8) 


Food Handler’s Training:

Training is held twice each year, once in the fall and again in the spring. The training is FREE of CHARGE and translation services (Spanish) will be available. At least two (2) representatives from each school should attend the training. If representatives are unable to attend the free training, the City of Austin offers an on-line training for a fee of $20 at



City of Austin

Phone: (512) 978-0300



AISD Nutrition & Food Services

Phone: (512) 414-0251