News from Dr. Cruz: 2015 Legislative Session

Team AISD,
Every two years in Texas, the state legislature meets in Austin for six months. The 2015 legislative session begins this week and is scheduled to end on June 1. 

Throughout the 2015 session, we will support efforts to educate state legislators about issues important to Austin and other school districts throughout the region and the state.

Among our legislative priorities, approved by the AISD Board of Trustees, are
•    a state accountability system ensuring that all students are prepared for college or the work force upon graduation;
•    a state accountability system that focuses on student academic growth and graduation rates rather than punitive actions towards schools, school districts, teachers and students;
•    flexibility to allow local school districts to prioritize spending and
•    state funding of full day Pre-Kindergarten for all children regardless of income level.

Our proposals for securing more funding for the district include
•    updating formulas and increasing “weights” used to determine how much state money districts receive for transportation, dropout prevention, bilingual education and other costs;
•    deducting the amount the district pays in federal Social Security costs from our “recapture” payments to the state and
•    providing sufficient funding to cover the cost of textbooks.

In the coming months, you can find out more about what’s taking place at the legislature by visiting the district’s legislature Web page

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.
Interim Superintendent