Preparing AISD Students for Success

Across the district, teachers have attended and will continue to attend staff development meetings. Information about the STAAR Assessment and STAAR EOC programs are a part of the development meetings. Principals and Instructional Leaders are also attending training courses as new information is released by TEA.

Together with staff from the Special Programs Division and the Schools Office, curriculum supervisors and curriculum specialists have developed curriculum guides that align assessments and learning activities to what students must know and be able to do to demonstrate mastery of the taught curriculum.

Further, with a focus on alignment of the written, taught, and tested curriculum, the local assessment plan developed by the Performance Office, the Curriculum Division and the Schools Office, is designed to assess students preparedness for the STAAR EOC exams. This assessment plan includes locally developed short-cycle assessments to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills in the four core content areas, as well as benchmarks administered at middle and end of the year. Those benchmarks will measure students’ mastery of taught curriculum. Both benchmarks are written based on the TEA’s STAAR EOC test blueprints.

Additionally, at the high school level, there is a heavy emphasis on increased instructional rigor in classrooms as teachers and administrators work together to align instruction to college readiness standards and the TEKS. Teachers are also collaborating in professional learning communities to plan lessons geared to preparing students for success on the STAAR EOC.

Sample Exams

Test questions and answer keys for all grade levels can be found on TEA's website.

Test Schedule

To view AISD’s test schedule online please click here (PDF).