In May 2013, the Austin Independent School District’s Board of Trustees voted to approve an agreement with Houston-based company Steep Creek Media LLC to allow AISD to place district-approved advertisements on AISD school buses along approximately 350 routes.

School districts throughout Texas and the United States have similar agreements to provide advertising space on school buses. AISD began discussions about school bus advertisements during the 2010-11 school year. When discussing the budget, community members suggested the district could bolster its revenue and offset millions of dollars in state budget cuts by selling school bus advertisements.

Through the agreement, the district has full decision-making authority about what types of advertisements are placed on buses. All advertisements will comply with state and district policy, and a district committee will review all proposed advertisements. AISD students will not participate in the advertising program.

With your help, we believe this can be a win-win situation for AISD and its key partners.  Your advertising support of this program translates into funds to support salaries, programs and day-to-day maintenance that benefit our students. When you advertise on an AISD school bus, you are increasing exposure for your business, while also giving back to your AISD schools.

I hope you will consider this promotional opportunity. Thank you for your support of our schools and our community of educators and students. For more information, please call (281)-962-4390 or visit