Advanced academics are educational programs designed to move students with high ability at a pace appropriate to their rate of learning through studies that go beyond the age-level or grade-level expectations which include depth and complexity, provide academic acceleration, and address the cognitive, social, and emotional needs of the students. Smart without compromise. Potential without limits.

Gifted and Talented

GT STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for students identified gifted in math and/or science and GT Humanities for students identified gifted in language arts and/or social studies.

Students will be formally identified to participate in one or more of the interdisciplinary programs through the GATE screening process. Elementary-level students will be screened for both programs while secondary students may be screened for one or both.

Academic Acceleration

Acceleration is an educational intervention that moves students through an educational program at a younger than typical age or faster than usual rate.

Acceleration includes single-subject acceleration, whole-grade-skipping, early-entrance to kindergarten and to college, credit by examination, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual credit courses, and talent search opportunities such as Duke TIP.

Acceleration provides GT students with a choice of concentrating on their strengths or interests through the selection of at least one course in the GT interdisciplinary strands of STEM and/or Humanities for which they are identified each school year.

Other students may still self-select the advanced-level course(s) they wish to take each school year.

Talent Explore

Talent Explore STEM and Talent Explore Humanities supports high-ability students who do not qualify for GT services. Activities target gifted and talented students but are available to high-ability students who are identified through the GATE screening process for Talent Explore.

Enrichment & Extracurricular

Enrichment and Extracurricular district-level recommendations for activities to be implemented at the campus. Campuses retain their choice to include activities beyond those recommended by the district.

Enrichment activities include opportunities that provide depth and complexity through exploration, extension, or elaboration. Extracurricular activities and organized events include opportunities outside of the traditional school day such as clubs, competitions, contests, mentorships, and internships.


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