AISD TV Channel 22


AISD.TV has been serving the Austin Independent School District community since 1982 as part of the state Public, Education and Government (PEG) Franchise agreement between the City of Austin and cable company providers.   

Our Work

AISD.TV is available on the following cable channels; TWC Channel 22 if you have a TWC digital box, on Channel 10.22 if you have basic cable and a digital TV, and/or on Grande Communications Channel 22, and AT&T  U-Verse Channel 99 menu.


AISD.TV programming is also available 24/7 on the AISD.TV blog


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Contact Us

Tiffany Saunders
Assistant Media Services Coordinator
Ph: (512) 414-1011


Garry Wilkison
Media Production Specialist
Ph: (512) 414-1014

Pamela Williams
TV Programming Specialist
Ph: (512) 414-1015

Bobby Longoria
TV Production Specialist
Ph: (512) 414-1017


Physical Location:Delivery/Mailing Address
AISD Baker Building
3908 Avenue B, Room 116
Austin, TX 78751-4515
Austin Independent School District
1111 W. 6th Street
Baker Building/Media Cable TV
Austin, Texas 78703-5300