Under the district's five-year strategic plan, the Department of Communications and Community Engagement is charged with the following:

Strategic Plan, Action Step 2.1

Use multiple and appropriate methods of communication and engagement to reach all stakeholders and every part of the community to gain meaningful input, participation, partnerships, and shared responsibilities for student success.

  1. Use multiple and appropriate methods of communications to reach all stakeholders.
  2. Create a system to regularly produce positive (good news) stories about AISD schools.
  3. Deliver programming on Channel 22 that strategically promotes employee, student, and district successes.
  4. Redesign the district website to better market successes of the district and campuses.
  5. Provide multiple and varied opportunities for meaningful stakeholder input and shared accountability.
  6. Develop strategic communications, translation and interpretation, multicultural outreach and public affairs plan aimed at building stronger link between the district and internal, external and other key stakeholders.
  7. Increase awareness about the positive impact of reform efforts on schools and improve public perception of the schools and the district.
  8. Improve the frequency and quality of linguistically and culturally effective communication to staff, families and parents, and the community.
  9. Develop and build awareness of the district’s key messages and brand.
  10. Execute culturally and linguistically effective outreach strategies to reach diverse communities, especially to those where barriers of language differences, poverty, or gaps to cultural understanding exist.
  11. Implement parent integration strategies to help non-English speaking families better understand the school system, its programs and services.
  12. Partner with key grassroots leaders and organizations from Austin’s diverse communities to promote parental engagement and improve relations with communities.
  13. Improve organizational and operational structure and systems to build capacity to better communicate and engage key audiences.
  14. Generate authentic engagement and support for the education of Austin’s children.

Strategic Plan, Action Step 2.4

Provide all resources necessary for adequate translation and interpretation services at all schools.

  1. Based on needs assessment, design and implement a plan to create a consolidated department that supports a system for translation and interpretation services.
  2. Design a system for district campuses and departments to request various translation and interpretation services and equipment.
  3. Create a long-range plan for funding, design, and delivery of Spanish language translation and interpretation services.
  4. Explore possible online training options to support competencies in providing translation and interpretation services.