The Austin Independent School District is committed to providing exceptional service to all—one customer at a time!

Austin ISD has made a commitment to providing excellent customer service to all district customers, internal and external. As part of this initiative, the district adopted guidelines that include simple but effective courtesies to follow when handling customers.

One of the district's goals is to constantly and consistently exceed our customer's expectations. At Austin ISD, that can be translated as the district's ability to provide students with the best possible education, parents with a sense of security that their children are in a safe environment conducive to learning, and community members with the confidence that their tax dollars are being spent well.

High-level customer service takes place when teachers create a welcoming environment for students and their families by inviting parents to visit their classrooms. It also happens when teachers ensure that parents know when and how to contact them, and when teachers make initial contact with families to establish a connection. These small but important steps can go a long way toward reducing negative feelings when teachers call on parents later.