Managing Stress and Emotional Wellness 

While some workplace stress is normal, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and performance - and impact your physical and emotional health. Often, your ability to deal with stress can mean the difference between success or a breakdown in any kind of work. Work-life balance is important! 

There are some great resources through Aetna, Seton, and our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) designed to help with stress management.

Employee Assistance Program -  Username: AISD  Password: EAP

Stress - Aetna Resource

Seton - Behavioral Healthcare Resources


Bring Emotional Wellness to YOUR Campus!

- Include a Self-Care and Self-Compassion training at a staff meeting or on a professional development day done by the EAP Coordinator or the district's Mindfulness Specialist

- Have one of our approved wellness vendors and professional chiropractors provide a stress management talk at a staff meeting or on a professional development day 

- Bring an on-site yoga class to your campus for employees to participate in and relieve stress (Can be a 1 time class or can set up a 4,8, or 12 week series)

- Provide an EAP Training to remind your staff of the free and confidential services they and their loved ones are able to use during any hard times

(Contact Melody Carlton to have any of these at your campus)


Work with your own health coach

For employees on the district's insurance plan, you or your loved ones can receive FREE health coaching through the Aetna Health Management Program. Simply, Log-in to your aetna navigator account. Select Health Programs from the top menu, then Health Management Programs from the left menu. You choose when and how often you talk with your health coach.