Restorative practices



With a recognition of the need to build relationships and maintain positive connections to students and their families, Austin ISD has embarked on the development of a district Culturally Responsive Restorative Practices Model. This student focused model will frame the school level climate and culture ultimately preparing all students for college, career and life. Restorative practices in Austin ISD builds on the foundation set below:

Seven Core Assumptions About Human Beings

What we believe to be true

These are basic ideas that we believe to be true about human nature and our relationships to the world. It is important to be aware of one's core assumptions, because what we believe to be true shapes what we see. Our beliefs form the prism through which we see ourselves and others in the world.

The true self in everyone is good, wise & powerful
The world is profoundly interconnected
All human beings have a deep desire to be in a good relationship
All humans have gifts, & everyone is needed for what they bring
Everything we need to make positive change is already here
Human beings are holistic
We need practices to build habits of living from the core self

Source: Circle Forward: Building a Restorative School Community by: Boyes-Watson & Pranis


Angela Ward, Austin ISD Race & Equity for more information 512-414-9591


Professional Learning

  • Restorative Practices Retreat August 4-5, 2017

Partner: Greater Austin Area MBK, Violence Prevention & Second Chances Committee

Follow this link to register today!

  • Austin ISD PreK-2 Restorative Practices Pilot

The Austin ISD Culture & Climate IDT recommended December 2016, that Austin ISD conduct a Pilot study to address the campus level implementation of a culturally responsive restorative focused approach to culture & climate. The following schools are participating in the pilot school year 2017-18: Becker, Blazier, Casey, Kocurek, Linder, Mathews, Metz, Pillow, Sunset Valley, Widen.


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