About the Program

MATT logoThis is an initiative of the AISD Department of Communications and Community Engagement in partnership with the MATT Foundation.

MATT Maestro en Casa is a practical and simple English-language learning and life skills program. Basic English lessons will help adult learners navigate common American situations and systems, thus allowing English-language learners to interact at a higher level in their daily activities. Parents will learn English from the privacy and comfort of their own homes for a period of 20 weeks, instead of having to attend a class at a specific location. The lessons are supplemented and enhanced with six culturally effective comic book-style workbooks, each covering a different subject.



Books and topics

The MATT Maestro en casa English class is divided into the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • In the Workplace
  • Education
  • Civics

Each participant receives a total of six books and a CD with the audio of all of the lessons.

Studying from home

The MATT Maestro en casa English class is 20 weeks long. Participants are required to commit to 30 minutes of study, three times a week, for six months. The first lesson should start the week of February 27, 2012 and the last lesson should end the week of July 15, 2012. Each topic or book will take three to four weeks to cover.

Studying on the Internet

All MATT Maestro en casa audio lessons are available on the Internet. Click here to access the audio for any lesson.

Exam and diploma

Each participant in the MATT Maestro en casa program will be invited to take a final exam in May 2013. Participants who register for the exam must have also completed a registration form. We encourage other family members within the same household also studying with MATT Maestro en casa, to fill out the special registration form for additional family members. Only those who register for the course will have the opportunity to register to take the final exam. Participants who pass the final exam will receive a certificate of completion during the program's graduation ceremony. Those unable to attend the ceremony will have the option to receive the certificate electronically.

MATT Maestro en casa Hotline
(512) 414-0045