Northeast Austin Planning Team – Public Comment & Visitor Guidelines


If you are interested in providing public comment or wish to attend planning committee meetings as a visitor, please read the following information regarding public comment and visitor guidelines.


Public Comment:

At the beginning of each Northeast Austin Planning Team meeting, time will be provided for public comment. To ensure sufficient time for the committee to complete its business, the total time provided for public comment may be limited, and time provided to individual speakers may also be limited. See below for more specific information regarding public comment.


• Meetings include a public comment (15 minutes) at the beginning of meeting.

• Each speaker is allowed three minutes to speak. Public Comment may be limited to five speakers based on time.

• Individuals who wish to provide public comment will be asked to fill out a speaker card.

• Individuals will be called upon to speak in the order speaker cards were received.

• If persons who signed up to speak to do not have an opportunity to do so because designated time runs out, they may provide written comments on the Public Comment form provided.

• There is no dialogue between the speaker and members, though a speaker may be asked to provide clarifying information.



All Northeast Austin Planning Team meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcome. Visitors are considered anyone present who are not committee members. This includes a person who may be attending on behalf of a member. See below for more specific information regarding visitors.


• Visitors will be asked to sign the attendance sheet.

• Visitors may be asked to sit in a designated area.

• Handouts will be available to visitors.

• If officially part of an agenda item, visitors may be asked to present information and participate in discussion related specifically to that agenda item.

• Unless otherwise noted, visitors are observers and may not actively participate in the meeting.


If you require interpretation or sign language services, please contact Rachel Naugle at at least five working days in advance to make arrangements.