When will AISD implement the formal HUB program?
Phase One: all bond-funded, construction-related projects: Nov. 15, 2016
Phase Two: districtwide: Sept. 1, 2018

Do Woman Business Enterprises include HUB and non-HUB firms?
No. Woman Business Enterprise firms must be certified by the State of Texas (HUB) or
City of Austin (WBE/MBE—ethnic female only) to be counted for participation in the AISD HUB

Is good faith effort required if the established goal is met?
No. If bidders/proposers meet the stated goals in each ethnic/gender category, then good
faith effort is not required. Ensure that firms selected for utilization are actively certified
through state of Texas or city of Austin certification programs or they will NOT be

Can a HUB prime self-fulfill the HUB requirements?
Yes, only for the ethnic/gender category in which they are certified. However, the ability or
desire of a bidder/proposer to perform the work of a contract with its own organization does
not relieve the bidder/proposer of the responsibility to make a good faith effort. A
bidder/proposer who desires to self-perform the work of a contract must demonstrate good faith effort unless the goal has been met. Bidders/proposers are not required to accept higher quotes to meet the goal, but rejecting a bid on the basis that it was higher than others should be documented and submitted as back up.

Is Good Faith Effort Require by a HUB Prime?
Yes, documented good faith effort is required for goals that are not met, including the goal of the ethnic category of the HUB prime.