Welcome to Team AISD!

We are extremely happy that you have joined our family of educators. As chief human capital officer, I understand the value of your contribution toward the education of the students of Austin. You have a world of opportunities ahead of you working for one of the most progressive, largest and most diverse school districts in Texas. I hope you will find our district to be a rewarding place to work.

We want to make sure you have the professional support, resources and leadership development opportunities you need to be successful. Explore our human capital website to learn more about the many opportunities that await you. 

Best wishes for success!

Fernando Medina
Chief Human Capital Officer

Get Started: Quick Start Guide and Helpful Resources

The first few weeks can be confusing as you adjust to new systems and ways of doing business along with the logistics of your new workplace. Your manager and human resources contact will help to ensure that you complete the necessary paperwork. As you begin your new career with AISD, you will become eligible for a generous package of benefits and perks and should get acquainted and comply with employee policies. Here are some helpful resources and tools to get you on the right path as you begin your new career with Team AISD.

Online Tools

Online tools available from computers within the AISD network: