Customer Service is AISD CARES

Austin ISD is reinventing the urban school experience by preparing all students for college, career and life. The district developed guiding principles to help nurture an organizational culture that values each employee and provides exceptional customer service to our students and families. These principles follow the CARES acronym: Customer-Focused, Action-Oriented, Responsive, Empathetic and Service-Driven. They were developed to ensure a culture of positive relationships and exceptional customer service throughout AISD.

Download the AISD Cares Overview Visual (PDF) or AISD Cares Overview Text Version (PDF)


Darla Caughey

Darla Caughey has served in Austin ISD for 10 years and leads the district's customer service efforts as part of the AISD Strategic Plan. Darla is committed to partnering with all staff to build positive relationships that allow us to create safe, welcoming, inclusive and equitable learning environments for all.

Previously, she supported the Social and Emotional Learning department as a specialist for 7 years, where she served campuses and had an integral role in the purpose, planning and execution of the annual SEL Symposium. Darla draws relevant inspiration from over 10 years of experience as an elementary art specialist where she integrated a customer service oriented mindset into her classroom pedagogy and practice. 

James Alexander

James Alexander joined the Office of Human Capital as a customer service specialist in January 2018. He assists in leading the district's customer service efforts and sharing the vision throughout all Austin ISD campuses and departments. James holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of North Texas.

Leti Benavides

Ms. Benavides, Administrative Assistant to the CARES Team, joined Austin ISD in 2016 after retiring from the Office of the Attorney General, where she worked for 27 years. Her exceptional customer service skills are showcased each time she interacts with staff, families and community members. Leti received her BA in business from Concordia University.