Customer Service is AISD CARES

Austin ISD is reinventing the urban school experience by preparing all students for college, career and life. The district developed guiding principles to help nurture an organizational culture that values each employee and provides exceptional customer service to our students and families. These principles follow the CARES acronym: Customer-Focused, Action-Oriented, Responsive, Empathetic and Service-Driven. They were developed to ensure a culture of positive relationships and exceptional customer service throughout AISD.

Download the AISD Cares Overview Visual (PDF) or AISD Cares Overview Text Version (PDF)


Beverly Reeves

Beverly Reeves came to Austin ISD in 2003 as the district’s first ombudsman. She now leads the district's customer service efforts which are part of 2015–2020 strategic plan. Beverly received her bachelor's degree in communications from Baylor University and her master's degree in organizational leadership and ethics from St. Edward’s University.

James Alexander

James Alexander joined the Office of Human Capital as a customer service specialist in January 2018. He assists in spearheading the district's customer service vision throughout all Austin ISD departments. James holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of North Texas.

AISD CARES Newsletters

The monthly AISD CARES newsletters provide you with customer service advice, tips and inspiration from your colleagues as well as from the AISD CARES team.