AISD CONNECT: Teacher Induction Program

Welcome Week | August 1-4, 2022

Welcome Week provides critical orientation on district initiatives for new-to-AISD teachers and campus professional staff. 

During this week new-to-AISD educators (teachers, librarians, elementary counselors, and instructional coaches) come together for professional learning, to network, and to participate in whole group and cohort settings. This required week of professional learning focuses on supporting attendees in getting acquainted with curricula, district practices, and district systems. In addition, the week’s professional learning sessions support attendees by providing context for further learning throughout the year as they participate in the AISD Professional Learning Series for New Educators. We look forward to seeing you and kicking off what we hope is a long and fulfilling career with Austin ISD.

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What does a year of Professional Learning look like for a new-to-AISD teacher or campus instructional staff?

In Austin ISD we offer a year long professional learning series for new educators through CONNECT. Educators can take advantage of various opportunities to lean on district support by engaging in professional learning sessions that matter to them. Teachers engage with synchronous and asynchronous learning sessions anchored in blended learning and Culturally Responsive Teaching. In addition, the AISD Professional Learning Series for New Educators correlates to the district’s teacher appraisal system; Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT), giving new-to-AISD educators the tools and support they need to prepare for their annual appraisal. What’s more, as educators strive for excellence in their career, the series is designed to lend ample opportunities for educators to continue to build and reach their personalized professional learning goals. 

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