AISD Connect: Teacher Induction Program

Welcome Week | July 31 - Aug 3, 2023

AISD Connect: Teacher Induction Program Welcome Week is the first event in a series of support for new to AISD educators under AISD CONNECT that provides critical orientation on district initiatives for new-to-AISD teachers and campus professional staff.

During this week new-to-AISD educators (teachers, librarians, elementary counselors, and instructional coaches) come together for professional learning, to network, and to participate in whole group and cohort settings. This required week of professional learning focuses on supporting attendees in getting acquainted with curricula, district practices, and district systems. It also serves as a district welcome celebration and year kick off for attendees.  We look forward to seeing all new to AISD educators as we kick off another great new school year in Austin ISD.

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What does professional learning and support look like for a new-to-AISD teacher or campus instructional staff throughout the school year?

Professional Learning

Austin ISD offers a variety of professional learning opportunities for all new to AISD educators through AISD CONNECT. These learning opportunities support professional learning goals that can be attained at the educator’s own pace and level. CONNECT sessions and events are for all new to AISD educators. This includes anyone new to the profession with a certification or under a district permit, as well as seasoned educators. These opportunities are designed to meet a variety of essential instructional needs and to support long range learning goals. The learning sessions and events can be cohort meet ups, specialized support groupings, video conferencing and in person content sessions, and events such as the Mid-Year Conference. There are also a variety of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities listed on the district’s Human Capital Platform (HCP) that aid educators in reaching their personalized professional learning goals. 


Through CONNECT, every new to AISD educator is provided a cohort and receives a facilitator called CONNECTor. CONNECTors are seasoned educators in the district that are prepared to provide guidance, answer job-like questions, and are just an instant message or email away from anyone in their group.
In addition, teachers with 2yrs or less of classroom experience receive a dedicated campus mentor. This mentor is also a teacher at the same campus who walks alongside their mentee throughout the year. 
Similarly, many novice teachers in the district have access to additional instructional support systems such as the Texas Education START program, the district’s Novice Teacher Support Network and campus based Instructional Coaches. All these supports work directly with teachers to help them meet their needs and reach their personal professional goals.