In order to elevate the role of professional learning in a manner that differentiates learning and provides a more personalized learning experience, Austin ISD is designating two Professional Learning Exchange Days (PLED) for exempt, campus-based professional staff members. Through PLED, two (2) non-duty days of professional learning that build capacity around the district focus areas may be exchanged for two (2) regular duty days.  The focus areas for 2022-2023 are Special Education, Academic Excellence, Culture & Climate, and Reflective and Inspirational Leadership. Twelve credits from any one or combination of these focus areas is acceptable.

Professional Learning Exchange Days are mutually beneficial to exempt staff and the district. The approach –

  • Offers individual and campus empowerment and flexibility around professional learning.
  • Sharpens the focus of professional learning around district initiatives and priorities.
  • Encourages a variety of forms and structures for professional learning.
  • Increases access to professional learning while reducing teacher time away from instruction and substitute costs.

Additional Resources

To support a smooth implementation of Professional Learning Exchange Days, please take a moment to review the following tools and resources: 

REMINDER: The deadline for staff to submit all PLED documentation is March 31, 2023.