How to Enroll or Make Changes to Benefits

Use the Austin ISD Employee Benefit Guide to learn about your options. All users are required to Register for a new account.


2022 Benefit Information (Begins January 1, 2022)

2022 Benefit Guidebook (English)

2022 Guía de Beneficios (Español)


When to Enroll

If you're a benefits-eligible new hire

Welcome to Austin ISD! You can enroll in benefits during the first 30 days of your employment. You’ll get a notification at your email address prompting you to log in to our benefits enrollment portal,

You must actively select or waive coverage within 30 days of your hire date. If you do not enroll within that timeframe, you will automatically be enrolled in only the basic life insurance plan, with all other benefit options being waived.

If you have a qualifying life event

Certain life events such as having a baby, getting married or divorced, or if one of your dependents gains or loses coverage, allow you to make changes to your benefits. If you have a qualifying life event, make sure to update your benefit elections within 31 days.

Once you’ve made your changes and submitted the required documentation, you’ll receive an email at your email address confirming your new elections.

If you don’t make changes within 31 days of a qualifying life event, you won’t be able to make any changes to your benefits until the next open enrollment period.

If it's open enrollment

During the month of October, employees can make changes to benefits for coverage effective Jan. 1–Dec. 31 of the following calendar year. Once you’ve enrolled, a confirmation statement is emailed to you as proof of your elections.

  • All new benefits-eligible employees hired between January and September will still need to enroll during open enrollment.

  • All new benefits-eligible employees hired between October and November will need to complete both a new hire enrollment and open enrollment during the first 30 days of their employment.

Open enrollment is mandatory. Benefits will not roll over to the next calendar year. Employees who don’t enroll during this period will see their benefits end December 31 of the current calendar year.