Aesop Substitute Management System

Aesop is the nation’s leading automated substitute placement and absence management system, serving more than 3,000 districts nationwide. On October 27, the Austin Independent School District launched Aesop, replacing Subfinder as the sole source of substitute placement in the district. The new substitute management system is used exclusively to secure and pay substitutes for teacher, classified, administrator, and non-teaching professional at the campus and district level.

Aesop offers many benefits, including:

  • No need for hardware, software or phone lines at the district;
  • Full access by phone or internet at any time, from anywhere;
  • Aesop also saves countless hours of manual substitute calling, and provides efficient absence tracking and reporting.

Login Information:

  • Visit to log onto Aesop
  • LOGIN ID: SUBS or EMPLOYEES:  "00" followed by 6 digits of Employee ID#.  i.e. (00000000)
  • ADMINISTRATORS and CAMPUS SUB COORDINATORS:  "E" followed by 6 digits of Employee ID#  i.e.  (E000000)
  • PIN: 4 or 5 digits, generated by Aesop (user may change pin number after initial login)

Learn more about Aesop:

  • Download the Fact Sheet and FAQ.
  • Download the Employee Quick Start Guide
  • Watch the Employee Basic Training Video
  • Watch the Administrative User Training Video