Photos and videos inside the Erwin Center

Photographs and videos are a major component of any commencement ceremony and Austin ISD encourages you to capture this event while respecting other families and attendees.

Video cameras are perfectly acceptable in a commencement exercise. If you have a bag, it will be checked as you enter the building.

Please make sure your battery is charged before you arrive at the building, as you will not be allowed to charge it at the Erwin Center, unless you want to stand over the cord. Erwin Center officials are not concerned with the power usage, but are concerned with the safety factor of having loose cables on the floors.

Also, if you have a tripod, it will need to go in front of your chair and not impede guests who are not in your party. The legs cannot extend into the aisle. Monopods rule.

We ask that all videographers and photographers take video and photos from their seats. Please do not move to the floor as this may disrupt the ceremony.

Cell phones are a major part of our lives. The Erwin Center staff requests that visitors please be considerate of other guests and either set phones to silent or turn them off after finding a seat. 

Order photos

Flash Photography will be taking photos of students after they have received their diplomas and are exiting the stage. To order photos, call Flash Photography at 1-800-410-8070, or visit their website.

AISD's department code for ordering photos is F14.