Graduation Do's & Don'ts

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AISD Clear Bag Policy

Visitors are required to use clear bags at any Austin ISD facility. All guests may be subject to a visual inspection and/or a bag inspection conducted by an AISD staff member. 

Approved bags must be clear and not exceed 12 in. (by 6 in. by 12 in.) or be a clear one-gallon resealable plastic freezer storage bag. One per person. Bags must be clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC and have a maximum of one logo imprint not exceeding 4.5 in. tall x 3.4 in. wide. The only non-clear bags permitted are small clutch bags (with or without a strap) that are the size of a hand. Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at designated areas. Please see the district's clear bag policy

Arrival & Exiting

  • Guest Arrival

    • Doors will open 1 hour prior to the event time, but may vary according to the event. 
  • Student Arrival

    • Seniors should report to the graduation site 1 hour before the ceremony. Seniors must check in with campus staff and line up in alphabetical order to be ready to enter the venue on time. 
    • Seniors graduating at Burger Center are to be dropped off on Jones Rd. side of the building. Seniors graduating at the AISD PAC may enter through the Corral Entrance (near shuttle bus drop off) or the main entrance; Seniors at the PAC report to the Multi-Purpose Room for check-in. 
  • Exiting After the Event

    • Guests are asked to remain seated until all graduates have exited via the recessional. Graduates are encouraged to meet up with their families and guests outside the building/stadium.

Commencement Viewing Options

Commencement ceremonies will be broadcast on AISD TV Channel 22, YouTube, and Facebook

Graduation Photos

Keep It Digital is the official photographer for all AISD Graduation ceremonies. Please call 512-217-3177 to order Senior graduation photos. 

Inclement Weather Contingency Plan

In the event of inclement weather, AISD has made alternate plans and arrangements for the ceremonies scheduled to be held outdoors at the Burger Stadium so that it is a special occasion for all graduates. AISD will make a decision if necessary and communicate any updates on our district website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and by the district notification system email and school messenger to high school families. 

All ceremonies will be recorded and broadcast on AISD TV Channel 22, YouTube, and Facebook. Great effort and planning are being invested into making this milestone special for all graduates and their families, whether as regularly planned or if changed in response to weather conditions. AISD appreciates the adaptability and understanding of our students and families.

The contingency plan is as follows: 

The graduation ceremony will be moved to the Burger Arena, which has limited seating. Seniors will receive a select number of tickets based on the seating capacity of 5,000.

High School




Austin HS

May 30

7:00 PM


Akins HS

May 31

7:00 PM


Anderson HS

June 1 

7:00 PM


Bowie HS

June 2 

7:00 PM



Parking is free and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Disabled parking spots as well as a designated Drop Off area is located in front of the building. 

Performing Arts Center - Additional parking is available at the Promiseland Church on 51st St.
Burger Arena & Stadium - Parking is available on Hwy 290/Ben White Blvd. and Jones Rd. entrances.

Prohibited Items

Please note that failure to comply with guidelines may result in ejection from the venue.

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Food and drinks, with the exception of bottled water
  • Smoking/Vaping
  • Alcohol may not be served or consumed on any AISD property
  • Laser pointers
  • Littering
  • Noisemakers or air horns
  • Use of drones
  • Balloons, confetti, powder, large posters, and streamers
  • Glitter (thrown, displayed, and/or worn)
  • Wandering away from the designated areas or into restricted areas
  • Firearms or explosives, weapons of any kind, are not allowed on any AISD property
  • Any item deemed inappropriate for the event by AISD staff



Seating capacities vary depending on the location of the event venue. Graduation events held at the Performing Arts Center will require a ticket to enter the event. Stadium seats are allowed for graduation at Burger Arena and Stadium. Please keep in mind that some sections of seating may be closed off for our reserved sections to accommodate our ASL and ADA guests. Please ask for assistance upon arrival so an AISD staff member can guide you to the appropriate reserved sections. ADA guests may have one family member sit with them in the reserved section, other family members must sit elsewhere to accommodate for other guests to sit in the ADA area that are needing assistance.

Senior Attire

Senior Attire: Graduation Cap, Gown, school issued Honor Cords and campus approved Heritage stoles. 

Caps cannot be decorated and other decorations are not permitted including, flower leis, money necklaces, mardi gras beads, flags, chains, etc. 

Seniors are encouraged to dress business casual with pockets for keys and cell phones. Do not bring any bags or items. The area where Seniors line up is not secure; therefore, no items can be left as the area is not monitored.

Student Expectations

Graduates must be on their best behavior upon arrival, during, and after the event. Graduates are expected to remain seated until the end of the ceremony and cannot leave early before the event ends.


Students will ride the shuttle from their high school campus to the event venue. Each campus will have shuttle buses running from the campus to the graduation site 2 hours prior to the ceremony start time until 2 hours after the graduation ceremony ends. Families are also able to ride the shuttle. 

Shuttle Schedule

Wristbands at Austin ISD Performing Arts Center

The following graduations at the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center will REQUIRE a wristband for entry: LBJ students will receive 7 wristbands & Ann Richards will receive 12 wristbands. This is based on the number of graduating seniors and the limited capacity at the venue. Graduations will also be available to be viewed on AISD TV Channel 22, YouTube, and Facebook.

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