The following is a listing of Advanced Course used to satisfy graduation plans and endorsement options. Advanced courses for English Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics are determined by the State Board of Education in TEC §74.12




English Language Arts

€         English IV;

€         Independent Study in English;

€         Literary Genres;

€         Creative Writing;

€         Research and Technical Writing;

€         Humanities;

€         Public Speaking III;

€         Communication Applications;

€         Oral Interpretation III;€    

€         Debate III;

€         Independent Study in Speech;

€         Independent Study in Journalism;

€         Advanced Broadcast Journalism III;

€         Advanced Journalism: Newspaper III;

€         Advanced Journalism: Yearbook III;

€         AP English Literature and Composition;

€         IB Language Studies A1 Higher Level;

€         Business English. 


 Algebra II;

€         Precalculus;

€         Advanced Quantitative Reasoning;

€         Independent Study in Mathematics;

€         Discrete Mathematics for Problem Solving;

€         Algebraic Reasoning;

€         Statistics;

         AP Statistics;

€         AP Calculus AB;

€         AP Calculus BC;

€        AP Computer Science;

€         IB Mathematical Studies Standard Level;

€         IB Mathematics Standard Level;

€         IB Mathematics Higher Level;

€         IB Further Mathematics Higher Level;

€         Engineering Mathematics;

€         Statistics and Risk Management;

€         Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science



€         Physics;

€         Aquatic Science;

€         Astronomy;

€         Earth and Space Science;

€         Environmental Systems;

€         AP Biology;

€         AP Chemistry;

€         AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based;

€         AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based;

€         AP Physics C;

€         AP Environmental Science;

€         IB Biology;

€         IB Chemistry;€         

€         IB Physics;

€         IB Environmental Systems;

€         Advanced Animal Science;

€         Advanced Plant and Soil Science;

€         Anatomy and Physiology;

€         Medical Microbiology;

€         Pathophysiology;

€         Food Science;

€         Forensic Science;

€         Advanced Biotechnology;

€         Principles of Technology;

€         Scientific Research and Design;

€         Engineering Design and Problem Solving;

€         Principles of Engineering.

Social Studies



Social Studies Advanced Studies

Special Topics in Social Studies

Social Studies Research Methods

Special Topics in Social Studies: Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament)

Special Topics in Social Studies: New Testament

Special Topics in Social Studies: Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and New Testament

AP Microeconomics

AP Macroeconomics

AP U.S. Government and Politics

AP Comparative Government and Politics

AP United States History

AP European History

AP Psychology

AP Human Geography

AP World History

Fine Arts AND Languages other Than English

All courses level III and above are considered advanced courses.


 note- course availability differs at each High School.