CPS Caseworker Requirements

  • CPS caseworkers must enroll a child no later than the third day after the court order removed the child from the home.
  • The caseworker must make every effort to allow the student to remain in the school he/she was attending prior to removal.
  • If a student transfers schools while in DFPS conservatorship, the caseworker must provide old and new schools with contact information and the new school with withdraw documentation and the student’s transcript from the previous school.
  • A caseworker may access any of the educational records that a parent could access for a student in DFPS conservatorship. To obtain the files, the caseworker only needs to provide the school with a badge indicating employment with CPS.

Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

  • About CASA
    • CASA is appointed to almost 90% of the children whose families are involved with the court system because of abuse or neglect. There is always a paid, professional staff member assigned to each specific child as well as, in most cases, a trained volunteer.
    • CASA is appointed by the judge in the legal role of guardian ad litem and reports to the court what is believed to be in the child’s best interest. These reports include how the child is progressing in school and any special services the child may need. 
    • The CASA appointment order, signed by the judge, designates CASA as the “educational advocate” for the child. In some cases when special education services are needed, the CASA may be declared the Surrogate Parent. 
    • CASA is bound by the court orders to keep the matters of the case confidential. 
  • Letters and documents required
    • The CASA representative should have a court order appointing CASA as the guardian ad litem and education advocate for the child. In addition, the volunteer or staff person should have a CASA badge on his or her person. If there is a question concerning a CASA visitor to the school, you can contact CASA at (512) 459-2272 to confirm the person either works or volunteers for the agency. 

Attorney Ad Litem

Letters and documents required

A valid court order or a notification letter of volunteer assignment that clarifies the individual’s appointment must be provided to access the student or his or her records.