Our Plan Features

  • Professional development for educators
  • Dance and theatre specialists at elementary level
  • Campus arts audits and individualized plans
  • Increased community arts partnerships
  • Campus level community building events
  • District wide curriculum development
  • Identification and mapping of neighborhood arts opportunities
  • Inclusion in the City of Austin's Comprehensive 30-Year Plan
  • Professional development for artists and arts organizations
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Resource development
  • Implementation

The Creative Learning Initiative is being implemented in a phased 10-year approach. This approach allows the district to provide training for approximately 1,500 teachers at 36 schools at a time before the schools transition to their own sustainability plans.

Each year a new vertical team is selected to participated through an application process.

By 2022, over 6,000 teachers will be affecting the lives of AISD's 86,000 students through arts-based instructional strategies.