Parent Support Specialists

Parent Support Specialists

Austin ISD Parent Support Specialists are charged to identify, develop, and engage parents in their child's education by:

  • Providing Parent and Family Support
    Organize and conduct parent training sessions to help parents navigate school systems and the District; organize meetings for parents to disseminate information and to gather input from them; and provide resources and referrals for academic, social service and other support.
  • Conduct Communications and Outreach
    Connect schools to parents via multicultural outreach efforts.
  • Create Parent Leadership Opportunities/PTA
    Identify, develop and engage parents in their child's school(s) community and connect them to leadership role opportunities at the school and within the District such as:  Parents & Family as Co-teachers, Parents & Family as Co-trainers, Parents & Family as Resources, Parents & Family as Decision Makers.

Schools with Parent Support Specialists

Parent Support Specialists, who are funded 50% by the City of Austin*, are placed in Title I schools. That is, they work at schools with student populations from families determined to be of low-income. Parent Support Specialists play an integral role in the Community Schools model. Learn more about Community Schools.

Elementary Schools
  • Allison*
  • Andrews*
  • Barrington* 
  • Blazier*
  • T.A. Brown* 
  • Campbell
  • Cook* 
  • Dawson
  • Galindo*
  • Govalle*
  • Graham*
  • Guerrero-Thompson*
  • Harris*
  • Hart* 
  • Houston*
  • Jordan*
  • Kocurek*
  • Langford*
  • Linder*
  • McBee
  • Norman & Sims
  • Oak Springs*
  • Odom*
  • Ortega*
  • Overton*
  • Padrón*
  • Palm*
  • Pecan Springs*
  • Perez*
  • Pickle* 
  • Pillow*
  • Pleasant Hill *
  • Reilly
  • Rodriguez*
  • Sanchez*
  • St. Elmo*
  • Travis Heights
  • Walnut Creek*
  • Widén* 
  • Williams*
  • Winn*
  • Wooldridge* 
  • Wooten*
  • Zavala*
Middle Schools
  • Bedicheck*
    Bertha Sadler Means YWLA*
  • Covington*
  • Dobie 
  • Gus Garcia YMLA*
    Lively *
  • Murchinson
  • Paredes*
  • Webb* 
High Schools
  • ALC
    Ann Richards YWLA
    Akins ECHS
  • Crockett ECHS*
    Eastside ECHS*
    Navarro ECHS 
  • Northeast ECHS 
  • Travis ECHS