Attend–Your Future depends on it


The Austin Independent School District is working hard toward becoming the best district in Texas. We are proud of the giant steps we are taking toward improving student achievement. Nevertheless, our work is not done and we need your help. Improving student attendance is a top priority for the district. It is our goal to work with students, families, and the community to ensure regular school attendance and improve academic achievement.

Parents: No matter how old your children are, families play an important role in making sure their students are in school on time and every day.

Community members: We know you want the very best education for the children of Austin, and we do too. After all, a well-educated community is good for business too. By understanding that Every Day Counts, together we can give our children the very best education and future.

You can help to get our students to school on time, every day by encouraging regular school attendance among your employees, those who are parents and those who are students.

Thank you for your support and commitment to AISD's students.