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Focus On Your Future

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 9:00am to 4:30pm

Focus On Your Future is an all-campus, all-day event at Akins High School in which every student and staff member is engaged in activities educating students on succeeding in high school and post-secondary endeavors.

Akins will leave its normal bell schedule and allow each grade level to have a unique experience that day with classes focused on what they should be focusing on that year:

  • 9th grade, "SOAR! Eagle Expectations & Supports"
  • 10th grade, "Don't Just Survive High School - THRIVE!"
  • 11th grade, "Reality Check"
  • 12th grade, "Transitions and Adulting 101" 

The day will include motivational speakers, alumni panels, college rep visits, online college prep activities and a community connections fair. Teachers and staff will be wearing their  college t-shirts and sharing stories of getting to college and earning a degree. Our hope is to continue to build deeper, more authentic relationships with our students while giving them the time to focus on their future.

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