Equity Framework


The Problems We are Seeking to Solve as a District

Based on community dialogues from Sept.-Nov. 2019, the community identified the following problems the district needs to solve:

  1. The system has been failing to meet the social, emotional needs of historically underserved students for decades because of systemic racism and discrimination in funding, hiring, teacher support and development and curricular offerings.
  2. Discrimination and favoritism in the district have resulted in segregated schools that follow the pattern of city segregation, dispossession and displacement, which stifle the opportunities for students to learn in environments that attract highly qualified and culturally proficient staff.

Ten Equitable Practices for Systemic Change

  1. Develop leadership for equity and inclusion
  2. Practice transparent & effective communication with all stakeholders
  3. Collect, analyze & use disaggregated data
  4. Develop non-discriminatory, inclusive & supportive policies 
  5. Engage students & families
  6. Engage all communities, particularly underserved & underrepresented
  7. Apply research & evidence-based practices
  8. Engage in ongoing cultural proficiency & inclusiveness development & training 
  9. Support & engage in culturally relevant teaching
  10. Develop & implement equity-focused strategic planning, evaluation & budget allocations

      Equity by Design

      Text version (English)

      Equity by Design wheel

      El Diseño de la Equidad

      1. Identificar los grupos marginados
      2. Escuchar la voz de los afectados adversamente
      3. Llevar a cabo un análisis de causa y origen con las comunidades
      4. Explorar el entorno y esquematizar los activos con las comunidades
      5. Investigar prácticas prometedores y ejemplos de la industria
      6. Establecer los mismos objetivos medibles, robustos y realistas a lo largo del tiempo para todos los grupos de estudiantes
      7. Adaptar o desarrollar estrategias y tácticas basadas en la investigación con las comunidades marginadas
      8. Desarrollar un borrador para un plan y una evaluación de implementación estratégica (planes formativos y sumativos)

      Text version (Spanish)

      Equity by Design wheel