Educator Quality | Professional Development Opportunities

Austin ISD is committed to providing professional
learning that:

1. is aligned to the AISD Curriculum and Instruction program requirements, the Core Beliefs expressed in the Strategic Plan, and District initiatives and identified focus areas; 

2. acknowledges the expertise of staff and the power of connected learning through the transformative use of technology; 

3. provides solutions and supports for AISD staff to achieve their professional goals and enhance their professional growth; 

4. improves all employees’ effectiveness in their role and enhances professional career growth for the ultimate purpose of supporting student growth and innovation

5. promotes a personal approach to learning 

6. fosters collective responsibility for achieving AISD’s mission and vision; and 

7. implements the National Staff Development Standards of Learning Forward.

Internal Learning Opportunities

Search AISD's Human Capital Platform Professional Learning catalog for current learning opportunities.

External Learning Opportunities

External providers often contact the AISD Professional Learning Department in the Office of Talent Acquisition and Development regarding professional learning opportunities available outside the district for teachers and staff.  These opportunities are in addition to what is listed in the Human Capital Platform (HCP).  Any CPE/GT credits are awarded by the provider & not through the AISD HCP.

Watch this space for information about these opportunities. 

Listing of opportunities does not imply district endorsement or funding.