Sample Kindergarten Schedule

Sample Kindergarten Schedule 

Schedules vary from campus to campus, so please check with your child's school for specifics.

7:45–8 a.m.: Circle Time/calendar

8–9 a.m.: Language Arts (shared reading and read aloud)

9–9:20 a.m.: Health

9:20–9:50 a.m.: Continued Language Arts

9:50–10:20 a.m.: Writing (modeled, guided, shared, interactive)

10:20–10:50 a.m.: Learning Centers

10:50–11:20 a.m.: Lunch

11:20 a.m.–noon: Math core instruction (numerical fluency, problem solving)

Noon–12:45 p.m.: Special areas

12:45–1:15 p.m.: Guided math/Math Centers

1:15–1:45 p.m.: Social Studies/Social and Emotional Learning

1:45–2:30 p.m.: Science

2:30–2:57 p.m.: Review the day, closing activity, dismissal