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Recent Publications

Central Office Climate Survey: Executive Summary, Spring 2020

This Executive Summary provides an overview of the results of the Central Office Climate Suurvey. Since 2005, the survey has been conducted to gather information about working conditions at AISD headquarters. It asks staff about interactions with other employees, morale, and various aspects of the work environment including whether staff agree or disagree with statements about district leadership, facilities and resources. To view the full 2019-2020 survey results, click the Interactive Report link and choose the Central Office Climate Survey Report 2019–2020 from the dropdown list.

Student Climate Survey, Spring 2020

The AISD Student Climate Survey provides insight into student engagement, the behavioral environment, academic persistence, adult relationships, safety, respect, personal development skills, and college intentions. The survey is used to monitor a variety of key initiatives and policies, including Campus Improvement Plans and the Superintendent's Scorecard. To view results, click on the link below, then select "Student Climate Survey" from the drop down menu at the top left of the page.

National Board Certification: 2018–2019 Evaluation Report

This report examines various outcomes regarding National Board (NB) Certified teachers and their students. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards' NB certification process is rigorous professional development opportunity available to teachers, counselors, and librarians that involve intensive self-reflection of their teaching practices, based on nationally established standards. Obtaining certification indicates accomplished practice in teaching. Findings indicated that NB-certified teachers were more effective than similar non-NB-certified teachers.

Family Survey: Executive Summary, Spring 2020

This executive summary provides an overview of Family Survey results in Spring 2020. The survey results are used to monitor parents and guardians' attitudes of the campus where their child is enrolled. To view complete results online, click on the Interactive Report link below, then select "Family Survey" from the drop down menu at the top left of the page.

Fifth-Grade Dual-Language Students’ 2020 Performance on the Spanish Language Proficiency Assessment (STAMP 4Se)

This report examines the Spanish language proficiency of fifth-grade students enrolled in the two-way Dual Language (DL) Program. Both native and non-native English speakers’ Spanish language proficiency was assessed with the STAMP 4Se assessment in Spring 2020. Students were assessed on four domains of Spanish language proficiency (reading, listening, writing, and speaking). Compared to last year's scores, student performance levels on reading and listening remained the same, while performance levels for writing and speaking improved slightly.