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Recent Publications

Family Survey: Executive Summary, Spring 2021

This executive summary provides an overview of Family Survey results in Spring 2021. The survey results are used to monitor parents and guardians' attitudes of the campus where their child is enrolled. To view complete results online, click on the Interactive Report link below, then select "Family Survey" from the drop down menu at the top left of the page.

The Impact of Virtual Bilingual Summer School on English Learners’ Beginning-of-Year (BOY) Performance in 2020–2021

This report examines the beginning-of-year (BOY) reading performance of emergent bilingual students who attended virtual summer school in June 2020. Students' performance on the Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment (TX-KEA) and MAP reading assessment was compared to that of similar emergent bilingual students who did not attend the summer school program. Students who attended the virtual, bilingual summer school program outperformed the comparison group of students on most assessments.

Eighth-Grade Dual Language Students’ Feedback on the Dual Language Program Secondary Dual Language Program 2020–2021

This report summarizes results from a 2020-2021 survey of 8th-grade students in the middle school Dual Language Program. Most students indicated they felt proud to be bilingual, appreciated the opportunities to receive high school and college credit, and wanted to continue Dual Language in high school.

Student Teaching Program Application and Hire Rates: 2019-2020

This report summarizes the application rate for the 2019-2020 student teacher cohort between January 2020 and August 2020, as well as hire rates for student teachers who applied. Overall, 49% of the student teacher cohort applied for a teacher position during that time frame, and 44% who applied were hired and employed as a teacher by November 2020.

The Creative Learning Initiative Benefits AISD English Language Learners

English language learners were more likely to attend school and to meet the STAAR passing standards in reading and math when their teachers used creative teaching strategies more frequently. These findings coincide well with the research that encourages teachers of foreign languages to be creative in their teaching so that students not only benefit from language learning, but also develop broader educational objectives and learning outcomes (Maley & Peachey, 2015).