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Recent Publications

Mindful Staff in Austin Independent School District

In 2018–2019, more than 200 AISD staff members attended a mindfulness training. This report highlights results from a survey that staff completed about their personal and professional mindfulness practices.

Austin Partners in Education: Annual Evaluation Report, 2018-2019

This report includes results for Austin Partners in Education (APIE) programs in 2018-2019 including math classroom coaching, GEAR UP tutoring, college readiness, and mentoring. It highlights continued academic support programs serving students in 8th grade math classroom coaching and 12th grade college readiness programs, as well as, provides baseline data of pilot programs and expansion.

Who Cares About CARES? We Do! And You Should Too!

Educators in this day and age may have to reframe how they think about interacting with parents, students and community members. Viewing these relationships as 'customer' relationships may seem like a stretch, but it is a reality. Research shows the many benefits of providing positive customer experiences for our stakeholders, and the costs of negative experiences. AISD is facing the issue head-on with the CARES (Customer-focused, Action-oriented, Responsive, Empathetic, and Service-driven) initiative. In this paper is a summary of the research, and tips to help you show you care…

Professional Pathways for Teachers: 2018–2019 Evaluation Report

The purpose of this report is to help stakeholders of Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) understand and refine the methods used to measure program implementation and outcomes. This report also contains summative data on the progress of PPfT, which just completed its third year. PPfT first launched district-wide in AISD in the 2016–2017 school year, and since then the concept behind the program has been refined to that of empowering teachers and improving the quality of teaching through a multi-measure appraisal and compensation system.

Twilight Credit Recovery Annual Report, 2018-2019

This report includes findings regarding demographic characteristics and academic outcomes of Twilight students; highlights emerging topics from the student, teacher, and staff surveys; and provides recommendations for future program implementation.