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Recent Publications

Bilingual and English as a Second Language Academic Performance Summary Report, STAAR and EOC, 2018-2019

This report summarizes the academic performance of students in the AISD bilingual and English as a second language programs during 2018–2019. Students' advanced placement course performance, STAAR and EOC performance, as well as graduation and dropout rates are summarized.

Bilingual and English as a Second Language Program and Demographic Summary, 2018-2019

This report summarizes AISD's bilingual and English as a second language programs implemented during 2018-2019. Programs are summarized, as well as student demographic characteristics and the number of students served.

2019 SAT Results Summary

This report describes SAT test results for AISD's graduating seniors, Class of 2019, who took the SAT any time during high school.

Social and Emotional Learning Program: The Effective Teacher Language Course

This report analyzes teachers’ feedback on the Effective Teacher Language course, a social and emotional learning opportunity for teachers. The Effective Teacher Language course is available online to teachers for a Professional Learning Exchange Day.

Leadership Development: Summary of Evaluation Findings from 2018–2019

This report describes findings from the Austin Independent School District’s (AISD) Department of Leadership Development 2018–2019 evaluation. The purposes of the evaluation in 2018–2019 were to update the Department of Leadership Development theory of change (ToC) and logic model and to evaluate the implementation of the newly developed assistant principal (AP) and principal hiring processes designed to select a diverse group of equity-focused, effective novice leaders to meet the goal of creating a leadership pipeline that reflects AISD values and fosters a selection and development mindset.