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Recent Publications

Fifth-Grade Dual-Language Students’ 2020 Performance on the Spanish Language Proficiency Assessment (STAMP 4Se)

This report examines the Spanish language proficiency of fifth-grade students enrolled in the two-way Dual Language (DL) Program. Both native and non-native English speakers’ Spanish language proficiency was assessed with the STAMP 4Se assessment in Spring 2020. Students were assessed on four domains of Spanish language proficiency (reading, listening, writing, and speaking). Compared to last year's scores, student performance levels on reading and listening remained the same, while performance levels for writing and speaking improved slightly.

Teaching, Empowering, Leading, and Learning (TELL) AISD Survey Executive Summary, Spring 2020

The purpose of the TELL AISD survey is to measure aspects of school climate such as general climate, district vision, leadership, teacher data use, instructional practice, professional development opportunities, and student conduct. The survey is administered annually to all campus–based staff employed half-time or more. This report contains highlights regarding the 2019-2020 AISD TELL Survey. To view the full 2019-2020 AISD TELL Survey results, click the Interactive Report link and choose the TELL Report (2019-2020) from the dropdown list.

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) Austin: 2019 Fall Student Focus Group Results Summary

This report describes findings generated from student focus groups across five GEAR UP campuses in the Fall 2019 semester. The focus group participants described their perspectives of the GEAR UP program, experiences with the GEAR UP activities, and plans for future education. Findings obtained from the 2019 fall student focus groups echoed those obtained from focus group interviews with students and teachers in the 2018-2019 school year.

Assessment Centers: AISD’s New Equitable and Rigorous Form of Personnel Selection for Assistant Principals and Principals

This report introduces the topic of assessment centers, an increasingly common personnel selection and development tool. A description of assessment center usefulness and their role in the selection of Austin Independent School District assistant principals and principals is also provided.

Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) Perception Survey Results

This report answers questions about teacher and administrator perceptions of Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) program implementation. PPfT is a multi-measure appraisal and compensation system designed to empower teachers and improve the quality of teaching in Austin Independent School District. PPfT is in its third year, and stakeholders were interested in, among other things, teachers' perceptions of new program components like professional learning opportunities and compensation. Perceptions of teachers and administrators are a valuable part of the implementation process.