Whole Child, Whole School, Whole Community

AISD is committed to the development of the whole child. DRE staff evaluate many programs which provide support services to promote healthy student development, and initiatives and opportunities to ensure well-rounded students, teachers, parents and communities.

Recent Publications

Creative Learning Initiative: Impact of Creative Teaching on Academic Growth

This report examines the impact of Creative Teaching techniques on students’ academic growth on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) reading and math tests from 2016–2017 to 2017–2018. Statistically significant growth on STAAR reading was found for students who had teachers who were moderately competent at Creative Teaching techniques and used these techniques at least two times per week in their classrooms.

Culturally Responsive Restorative Practices: Preliminary Data from Participating Schools, 2018-2019

This report provides a brief overview of Culturally Responsive Restorative Practices, an innovative framework intended to address discipline disparities and improve school climate and culture at ten AISD schools. This work is part of a 5-year, $3.5 million Education Innovation and Research (EIR) grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Data include staff and student demographics, student attendance, STAAR math and reading passing rates, perceptions of school climate, and disciplinary practices.

Creative Learning Initiative: Implementation Summary, 2018-2019

The Creative Learning Initiative (CLI) is a community-wide effort to bring creative learning and the arts to each and every student in Austin. Lead by MINDPOP, the City of Austin, and Austin Independent School District (AISD), CLI designs systematic and sustainable programs that integrate creativity, creative teaching strategies, and the arts with classroom teaching, campus programming, and campus improvement. Overall, CLI implementation in 2018–2019 was comparable to prior years and continues to have a positive impact on students. This report summarizes the CLI implementation activities.

Afterschool Centers on Education, Foundation Communities Cycle 9 Final Report, 2018-2019

The Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) program managed by Foundations Communities provided academic assistance, enrichment, college and career readiness, and family engagement activities at community learning centers to students from three AISD elementary schools, using Cycle 9 funding through the Texas Education Agency. This report compares student outcomes over two years for students who participated in ACE managed by Foundation Communities in 2018-2019.